Wi-Fi and Web

Wi-Fi and Web

There are two main wireless companies available to Residents residing on campus at OSU Stillwater (in locations where Wi-Fi can be obtained):


Safe option that is wireless

EDUROAM is guaranteed with WPA2-enterprise encryption. This encryption keeps your data MUCH safer when working with a tool on Wi-Fi than a network that is open.

For connecting to EDUROAM:

  • Merely choose it in your Wi-Fi setup screen and make use of [email protected] that is full.edu current email address and OKEY password when it asks.
  • Accept/Trust the security certification you to do so if it asks.
  • For some products, this will be everything you need to do.
  • You may be asked by some devices to choose other available choices within the connection process.
  • When your unit wants an EAP method, enter PEAP. Set Phase 2 Authentication to MSCHAPv2 (this choice might be concealed in an “advanced” area).
  • Then set the Domain to “ad.okstate.edu” if you have a part for CA Certificates, choose “Use System Certificates” and.
  • If the unit doesn’t have a “Use System Certificates” option, you can select “Do not Validate” instead (but remember that this might make you susceptible to a guy in the centre assault, so make sure you are connecting in an area for which you expect you’ll get the EDUROAM service).
  • If you notice a field called “Anonymous Identity”, just keep it blank. All of those other choices should really be kept inside their standard settings.

In case the products support WPA2-enterprise encryption (smart phones, laptops, and a lot of pills) we strongly recommend you link those devices to EDUROAM.

Open Cordless Option

OSURESLIFE is a network that is new doesn’t need encryption. It really is just obtainable in the Residential Halls and Apartments (where Wi-Fi can be acquired), it shall not work throughout the remainder of campus.

You would like to connect to Wi-Fi that doesn’t support WPA2-enterprise encryption but does support open networks (such as smart TV’s, Roku/AppleTV, kindle/nook e-readers, game consoles, etc. ), you can register them to connect to the OSURESLIFE network if you have devices.

Please keep in mind that this system is unencrypted. You ought to approach this community because of the exact same care as you’d an available Wi-Fi system in a cafe. You shouldn’t make use blackchristianpeoplemeet desktop of a tool with this system for connecting to any web site or solution where your information that is personal could at danger. Whenever possible (such as for instance with Smart TVs and Game Consoles) it really is much safer and much more reliable to simply connect the unit in to the wired system having an ethernet cable.

products that do not help available systems or WPA2-enterprise (such as for instance smart speakers, wifi lights, wifi video security cameras, etc. ) are maybe not supported regarding the Wi-Fi systems at OSU