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All other posts regarding that topic will be removed during this time with links to the proper thread or megathread. Frequently asked questions and topics will be removed. Moderators will link megathread style posts when available to redirect users to main post. But if you using Berserk your actual weapon damage in combat is going to be a lot higher than 80% WD. 130% WD and 100% DTE is better than 160% WD and 70% DTE. Additionally, it a false choice, you not really choosing between WD and DTE, except maybe on the holster and glove mod/talent slot.

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cheap anti theft backpack Said where you are in your career now I think you would be taking a huge step back. Not at all worth it to be honest. There can be so much bullshit and frustration in the military that it almost impossible to describe, but ultimately there are times where you are stuck doing things you don want to do for extended periods of time with basically no upside besides making you a hardened mofo or having a mental breakdown from the stress (I had to talk a lot of grown men back from on the floor crying when overwhelmed to the point of breaking). cheap anti theft backpack

anti theft travel backpack One of the best relationships I ever had was with a girl who had the completely opposite taste in music than me. I a fairly well rounded person musically, but firmly planted in a rappy background, while she was much more of an “indie”/rock/punk/country type person who despises rappity rap. She introduced me to Iggy Pop, White Stripes, The Strokes, that sorta thing. anti theft travel backpack

theft proof backpack You also may have local organizations or standards. This will get you started, but, I not really sure how to summarize what I learned in a master degree program in a reddit post response. I spend most of my time teaching and go weeks without checking books out to students. No doubt. The root cause was being there in the first place against all basic concepts of seamanship. The investigation report is rife with all sorts of other causal factors ranging from human factors to poor regulatory oversight. theft proof backpack

water proof backpack If I go past 5k 6k vertical in a day, I usually need recovery time. Trying to do 7k vertical day after day is about what Andrew Skurka says is his maximum. Skurka can probably outhike anyone here though. Or, if you are replicating a set of methods on a different data set, there is no way to guarantee that all the conditions of your experiment are the same like a hard scientist does. There exist ways to attempt to account for these differences, but there is no way to ensure you have removed all of those differences. In short, research is fucking hard and there are lots of reasons for work not being replicable, most of which are due to everyone trying to understand the issue better water proof backpack.