The affected villages include Baopur

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Canada Goose online That far too long for the many Saskatchewan people who are struggling today. Saskatchewan is the only province where the minimum wage is less than half the median wage. This means it especially hard to afford cheap canada goose outlet the basics for low income workers here. The administration advised residents of the 16 villages in the Mand canada goose outlet china area to vacate their housesKapurthala deputy commissioner (DC) Mohammad Tayyab said he had reviewed the situation and held a meeting with the sub divisional magistrate (SDM) Charumita Shekhar to ensure preparations to tackle the situation.get cut off from Sultanpur Lodhi after water level of Beas River rises.Over 5,000 residents of the 16 villages blog here in the island spread over 25 sq km, also called Sri Lanka of Punjab, face troubles every year, said a resident and Kissan Sangarsh Committee president Paramjit Singh.The affected villages include Baopur, Dhunna, Baopur Kadim, Baopur Zadid, Bheni Kadamwala, Sangran, Gaurewal, Kishangarh, Ramapur Gorey and Tangra.Hoshiarpur flooded, houses collapseDeputy commissioner (DC) Isha Kalia on Monday visited the dam in Talwara and vulnerable areas along Beas. She advised people to not go near the river. She also asked people to keep restraint and not trust rumours. Canada Goose online

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